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Kathryn and Kallie's Family Tree, starting with my daughters and going back, in some cases, fifteen generations.

The Portrait Gallery, pictures of Dee's ancestors and their families.

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• Descendant Reports of Dee's ancestors. Currently online are the descendants of:
Christian Settgast - Primary surnames include Sattgast, Eberling
Johann Schlachter - Primary surnames include Schlachter/Slaughter, Sattgast, Eberling
William Knodle - Primary surnames include Knodle, Fairfield, Windhorst, Hays

• Obituaries of some of Dee's ancestors. All are transcribed from the original - typos, misprints & errors intact.
Obituaries from:
The Sattgast side
The Knodle side

I found this portrait of Dee's great-great grandfather, William L. Palmer, in the book Portrait and Biographical Album of Ogle County, Illinois, 1886 at the Mount Morris Library, Mount Morris, Illinois.
Sometimes the smallest libraries hold the greatest discoveries!

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Rachel Buckalew

Taken from the Alton Telegraph, August 30, 1867

REMARKABLE LONGEVITY. — Mrs. Rachel Hunt died a few days since, in Fosterburg, in this county, at the residence of her son-in-law Oliver P. Foster. At the time of her death she was one hundred and seven years old. She was born in the State of Pennsylvania, in the year 1760, and moved to this State about thirty-five years since. She was undoubtedly the oldest person in this county, and very probably the oldest in the State. It is extremely seldom that newspapers have to record such a remarkable instance of longevity. This lady was sixteen years of age at the outbreak of the Revolutionary war and must therefore have had vivid recollections of the great struggle for national independence.