Family Gravesites

I have visited hundreds of gravesites of my ancestors, their families and descendants in cemeteries across Illinois, in Iowa, Indiana, Florida and even a few in Germany.
I've photographed them all so I've decided to start putting the tombstone images online.

In Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois

• Conrad and Magdalena Juelg Schmid
• Emma Bernd, daughter of Peter and Jacobina
• The Fromme Mausoleum
• Otto and Louise Meyer Bong
• Karolina Schroer Ulrich
• Charles Ulrich
• Robert Valentine Ulrich
• Anna Bernd Schmid
• Gustav Adolph Schmid
• Charles and Lucille Bernd
• Michael and Catherine Scheid Bernd
• Royden Orlo Butterfield II
• Clara Matilda Schmid Butterfield
• Karl Ludwig Hirsch (birth year is wrong on stone)
• Charles Juelg
• Elmer Juelg
• Johannes and Franziska Jόlg
• Margaret Matthis
• Russell and Marie Meyer Keil
• Otto Julius Meyer
• Anna Winters Meyer
• Paul Robert Meyer
• Paul Robert Meyer Jr.
• William Robert Meyer
• Rosa Seiler Meyer
• Bernard Trewyn Meyer
• Jeanne Gordon Meyer
• Arthur Schmid
• Ernest "E.A." Schmid
• Herbert Schmid
• Julia Ulrich Benton
• Valentine Ulrich
• August Juelg
• Charles and Minna Breier Zimmerman
• Marie Hermann Raymond
• Oliver and Alice Juelg
• William and Mary Baska Jόlg

In Saint Mary's Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois

• Alice Madden Scurry
• George and Kathryn Madden Meyer
• Richard Meyer
• Matthew Murphy
• Elizabeth Murphy Madden
• Thomas Madden
• William Madden
• William Murphy

In Swan Lake Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois

• Oscar and Anna Quinlan Meyer
• Oscar Ralph Meyer
• Blanche Athey Meyer

In Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Kickapoo, Illinois

• James and Catherine Merritt Cunningham
• Catherine Cunningham
• Margaret Cunningham Marie
• Alice Murphy
• Hazel Murphy
• Bridget Cunningham Powers
• Michael T. Powers

In Saint Clement's Cemetery, Dunlap, Illinois

• Thomas and Mary Ann Cunningham Murphy
• Thomas Murphy
• Andrew Murphy
• Kathryn Coyle Murphy
• Irene Murphy
• John Murphy
• William M. Murphy
• William Henry and Mary Madden

In Saint Mary's Cemetery, Princeville, Illinois

• Thomas and Bridget Cuddihy Madden
• Emma McCarthy Madden
• John Madden
• Emaline Cunningham Barler
• Frank and Margaret Murphy Callery
• George and Julia Murphy Weber
• James E. Cunningham
• Annie Cunningham
• Annie L. Cunningham
• Luella Cunningham Goold

In Parkview Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois

• Henry W. Ulrich
• Henry Valentine Ulrich
• Nadine Ulrich

In FonDuLac Cemetery, East Peoria, Illinois

• Lillian Ulrich Stiers
• Fred Stiers
• Carolyn Stiers

In other cemeteries

• Thomas and Hazel Burgess Murphy, Princeville, IL
• James Butterfield, Marengo, IA
• Margaret Stockdale, Marengo, IA
• Anthus and Ruth Butterfield Hummel, Davenport, IA
• Emory and Ella Isch Butterfield, Davenport, IA
• Vern and Beatrice Butterfield Phillibaum, Marion, IN
• Frances Butterfield, Lewiston, IL
• John Henry "Buck" Woods, Bowling Green, FL
• Frank and Bertha Bernd Woods, Bowling Green, FL
• Isabel Woods, Bowling Green, FL
• Maxwell Juelg, Hollywood, CA
• Leo Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Ernstine Hoppert Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Emma M. Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Maria Seraphine Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Peter Schroer, Glan-Mόnchweiler, Germany

• Maria Seraphine Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Peter Schroer, Glan-Mόnchweiler, Germany

• Maria Seraphine Jόlg, Wyoming, IL
• Peter Schroer, Glan-Mόnchweiler, Germany